Customer focus

NOBELFRESH's goal is to become "ambassador of quality 'in the Nordic area. We believe that the outcome is best achieved by offering a unique experience and a complete service that exceeds customer expectations in terms of quality and freshness of the product.

As a flat organization, a total control of costs and a quick decision facilitates NOBELFRESH’s forefront of the market often rapid development.

In the same way, the company's employees have access to the latest updated information on products / markets, thanks to its large network of collaborators.

The client is obviously the main beneficiary of this flow of information.

NOBELFRESH's greatest strength lies in its employees' cultural and linguistic skills: NOBELFRESH can communicate with almost the whole world; coexistence of different cultures creates a "synergy" which is favorable for the company and its customers.

We are convinced that the best relationships are those that are built over time based on credibility and solid ethics. They are also those who give the best results!​